Last updated: 10/5/2023

Privacy Policy

Fire Game Site is committed to protecting your privacy. Fire Game Site only collects information from base Google Analytics and nothing else. This includes but is not limited to: country, engagement time, user retention, page title, events, IP address (which is not reported or given to us in any way), advertising info, browser, and operating system.

Our website is run purely on the internet by a small group of people, so there is no place of business.

GDPR Principles

Fire Game Site uses Google Adsense for advertising and therefore abides by all GDPR principles. This includes:


We use personal data for the following reasons:

Account Data

We do not utilize accounts or logging in, so no personal data pertaining to emails, passwords, etc. are never stored.

Data Sharing

The data collected by Google Analytics goes to both the developers and Google. This is not for financial gain, but rather because it is a requirement of Google Analytics. This information is collected for Google Analytics via Google Firebase.

Updates to this policy

We will update this privacy policy when necessary to reflect changes concerning legality, new features, new uses, etc. When we make changes to this privacy policy, we will change the last updated date at the top of the privacy policy. The full changes will be detailed in the GitHub. GitHub commits with policy changes will start with “--POLICY CHANGES--“. We will also send out notifications on the site whenever a change to this policy is made and released.